• Gods


    Gods are the ruling creatures of the four Planes. They claim to have created the other races.
  • Race: Corwik

    Race: Corwik

    A playable, humanoid insect race of tunnel dwellers.
  • Race: Kolornok

    Race: Kolornok

    Pronounced Ko-lore-noke, a playable half shelled race of desert dwellers.
  • Race: Myrellas

    Race: Myrellas

    A quadrupedal race of goat-like sentient beings.
  • Race: Raek Shakaal

    Race: Raek Shakaal

    A playable race of humanoid reptiles.
  • Race: Whiltrin

    Race: Whiltrin

    Playable race in the Four Beasts campaign setting.
  • Race: Zaal

    Race: Zaal

    A deadly giant bird race that have come to be the terror of the land, sky, and seas of Kelren'on.
  • The Plane Beasts

    The Plane Beasts

    The Gigantic inhabitants of the Sea of Reality, on which all other life is found.