Race: Corwik

A playable, humanoid insect race of tunnel dwellers.


One of the more curious races, the Corwid are an Insectile underground-dwelling race. They have stretches of complex tunnel systems throughout the underground, and use them as insertion points when venturing into the surface to gather resources. The tunnel strait up and build a large walled mound that looks something like a fort from the outside, then they launch their surface operations using that as a base. If attacked, many of them surge up from the tunnels, armed and armored with the chitin from giant insects they keep as livestock, beasts of burden, and war mounts. They are surprisingly outgoing and amenable when it comes to relations with other races, and often enjoy hosting members of other races in their lavish tunnel homes. Their society is more ant-like than anything, and groups of up to thousands of members and as little as fifty all serve a designated queen, that serves to birth many more Corwid, because of their sheer numbers, they are also they race with the shortest life span, the oldest among them living to be 35.


Race: Corwik

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