Race: Kolornok

Pronounced Ko-lore-noke, a playable half shelled race of desert dwellers.


A small race of long-necked, hard shelled humanoids, they have a thick bony shell covering their full back and the upper chest. They are a slow-moving, slow-thinking, and slow to anger race. This aspect often makes them the target of underestimation, people believe that they are not as quick in a fight, and thus easy targets, but the combination of their natural armor, their people’s excellent metal crafting of accessory armor, and their proclivities towards tightly grasping their opponents and slowly crushing them between the ground and their(usually spiked) belly armor. They are considered to have the most tempered governing system; they have a large governing body called the collection. The Collection is made up of many respected members of society from all runs of society, bureaucrats, smiths, miners, architects, workers, even paupers can be raised to a member of the collection. The main duty of the collection is to travel out and make deals with various nearby towns for food, supplies, and services in return for iron and other metals they dig out of the mountains deserts. They freely teach other many of their smithing and mining techniques, but the one thing they hold most secret, is their method of mining deserts.


Race: Kolornok

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