Race: Myrellas

A quadrupedal race of goat-like sentient beings.


A shaggy, four legged race of wilderness dwellers, their lack of ability to use tools has kept them in relatively undeveloped living conditions, not that they mind, they gather in groups called Herds and maintain their borders from intruders. Most Myrellas make their home in the icy mountain ranges and snowy plains of the north. Although they cannot wield traditional weapons, their horns are a force to be reckoned with, each Herd has a different style of horns, mostly depending on where that Herd makes its home. Some Myrellas are born without horns and instead develop fleshy tendril like appendages on their heads, these Myrellas are often seen as the chosen of their God Ramenus, and are made the seers or wise members of the Herd.


Race: Myrellas

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