Race: Raek Shakaal

A playable race of humanoid reptiles.


The Raek-Shakaal are an amphibious race not unlike humanoid crocodiles in appearance; elongated fanged faces, scales covering their bodies. They fiercely defend the wetland territory they hold as yearly breeding grounds. Other than those that remain at the breeding grounds, the Raek-Shakaal are nomadic, travelling throughout Kel searching for more possible territory, at least, that is what they tell the other races. The Raek-Shakaal are actually searching Kel for the sacred Egg of She, the believe that this is the physical egg of She, the goddess of the Raek-Shakaal, and with her hatching She will lead them into a glorious time of prosperity and longevity for the Raek-Shakaal.


Race: Raek Shakaal

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