The Plane Beasts

The Gigantic inhabitants of the Sea of Reality, on which all other life is found.


the Beasts are the Four Plane Beasts, beings of size and intelligence so immense that they are content to just wade through the Sea of Reality
when one dies, It’s corps is a whole host to an ecosystem of things that feed off of its detritus. Gods.
The Four are the only ones known to be in existence. The gods heard whispers as they were being born, whispers off in the distance. they could only assume that it was more Beasts, mourning their fallen brothers. The gods assembled and created their language out of these whispers, now called Ancient. Kelren’on. Scourgeos. Celestine. Maeberroth.
the Four planes in my campaign are the corpses of gigantic mosters.
Just gonna leave you with that.


The Plane Beasts

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